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"2023 Finialed Box Collection"

Woodturning has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back at least to the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Over the millennia turned wooden plates, bowls, goblets and other forms collectively referred to as ‘treen’ have been created to satisfy purely utilitarian needs.


During the last thousand years wood turnings have been widely incorporated into furniture design.  A walk through just about any furniture gallery will reveal many pieces with turned legs, bed posts, finials and split decorative pilasters which have become common elements in contemporary furniture.  Many homes are fitted out with turned balustrades along stairways and decks and columns supporting porches and other architectural elements.


During the last 50 years turners have migrated into the realm of art which has resulted in a geometrically increasing variety of designs turned from just about every species of available and turnable wood.  Artistic turnings range from familiar objects like candlesticks to platters, bowls, goblets and the like that may or may not have any specific function to forms that are pure art.  The only purpose of the latter category is to satisfy the visual and tactile sensibilities of the observer.


I have developed the LatheScapes website to showcase my woodturning artwork.  My turnings fall into two broad categories: Commisioned pieces and free-form pieces.  For commisioned turnings please contact me via the form in my Contact Info page. Stay tuned for new pieces and events and enjoy your visit!

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